COVID-19: Return To Training Guidelines
Date of Event Perth Cricket Club: Sun Aug 16, 2020 3:27PM

COVID-19 Return To Training Checklist


It will be expected that all players, coaches, spectators adhere to the following guidelines at the Perth Cricket Club.

  • No sharing of Equipment
    •  Participants, coaches, volunteers & parents understand that there is to be no sharing of equipment - including pads, gloves, protectors, helmets etc.
  • Strictly No Contact
    • There is to be no contact at training between participants, coaches, volunteers & parents. This includes high fives, shaking hands & other physical contact
  • Physical Distancing
    • All participants, coaches, volunteers & parents understand the need to observe physical distancing requirements of 1.5m at all times
  • Members Understand Return To Training Protocols
    • The club & all members have read, understood & agree to all protocols & guidelines to Return to Training
  • Observe Limit of Participants Per 'Net'
    •  There is to be no more than five people per net at any time
  • No Shining Of The Ball With SALIVA OR SWEAT
    • There is to be no shining of the ball with saliva or sweat at any time during training


Perth Cricket Club Committee

Last updated: Sunday August 16, 2020 5:47PM